TLDR: If you need help with your digital product, we should talk 👋

I’ve been building and growing digital products for the past 9+ years. The first half was specialising in ecommerce. The last half was leading product at a B2B SaaS startup.

I have hands-on experience designing products, managing development and design teams, and growing ecommerce stores.

I'm currently open to Product Manager, Product Designer, or Growth Marketing roles.

Email: cameron@empty.io

Do you need help with?
Product strategy -
Product management -
Hands-on design and code -
Team management -
User experience design -
Branding and marketing -
Growth and ecommerce -

Product Manager

  • A deep understanding of the B2B SaaS and ecommerce landscapes which I can apply to new business projects
  • Customer and market research to make sure we’re building the right thing
  • Build product roadmaps by working within a company using strong organisational skills
  • Ability to analyse data so we can focus on high-potential product areas and find new opportunities to grow
  • A zen-like ability to form structure from chaos in a fast-paced, startup environment
  • Proponent of “Product/Market Fit” and “Jobs to be done” frameworks
  • Ability to scope and manage development cards and ensure everything stays on track when the unexpected happens
  • Knowledge of the technology behind SaaS and ecommerce software - so I can work closely with developers and understand the difficulty of a task or new feature
  • Agile development process using Jira
Product Designer

  • Human-centered design
  • Ability to take complex data and UI problems and find simple design solutions
  • Experience in iterative, test-based product design and management
  • Strong end-user advocate to make sure we’re building a product that solves a real problem
  • Comfort with working with a high degree of autonomy
  • Hands-on design from prototype to finished product
  • Pen and paper → HTML/CSS (why?)

Growth Marketer

  • Experience designing and developing Magento and Shopify stores
  • Design and implement dispatch and shipping processes
  • Building customer service standards and procedures
  • Setting up marketing campaign strategies
  • Using data to find new product categories and conversion optimisation
  • Experience with both wholesale and consumer sales