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I’ve been building and growing digital products for the past 9+ years. The first half was specialising in ecommerce. The last half was leading product at a B2B SaaS startup.

I'm a Product Manager with hands-on experience designing products, managing development and design teams, and growing ecommerce stores.

Here's an overview of the skills I'll bring:

Product Manager

A deep understanding of the B2B SaaS and ecommerce landscapes which I can apply to new business projects

Customer and market research to make sure we’re building the right thing

Build product roadmaps by working within a company using strong organisational skills

Ability to analyse data so we can focus on high-potential product areas and find new opportunities to grow

A zen-like ability to form structure from chaos in a fast-paced, startup environment

Proponent of “Product/Market Fit” and “Jobs to be done” frameworks

Product Designer

Human-centered design

Ability to take complex data and UI problems and find simple design solutions

Experience in iterative, test-based product design and management

Strong end-user advocate to make sure we’re building a product that solves a real problem

Comfort with working with a high degree of autonomy

Hands-on design from prototype to finished product

Pen and paper → HTML/CSS (why?)

Development Team Leader

Ability to scope and manage development cards and ensure everything stays on track when the unexpected happens

Knowledge of the technology behind SaaS and ecommerce software - so I can work closely with developers and understand the difficulty of a task or new feature

Agile development process using Jira

Scrum Master™️

Ecommerce Manager

Experience designing and developing Magento and Shopify stores

Design and implement dispatch and shipping processes

Building customer service standards and procedures

Setting up marketing campaign strategies

Using data to find new product categories and conversion optimisation

Experience with both wholesale and consumer sales

You & Co.

Digital Producer (contract) | Feb – June 2019
Helped You & Co with their transition from a traditional marketing agency to providing growth strategy for SaaS businesses.

- Product Management
- Development & Design Team Leader

Pro Plaster Products

Ecommerce Manager (contract) | Nov, 2018 – Feb, 2019
Helped Pro Plaster Products update and improve their ecommerce. I managed their external team of developers to find and fix bugs, redesigned their website to improve conversions, restructured their information architecture, and implemented correct analytics and tracking.

- UX Design
- Development Team Leader
- Analytics

Your Enquiry Manager

Senior Product Manager | Nov, 2013 – Nov, 2018
I led the product strategy to unify several ideas into a SaaS product used by hundreds of wedding venues (and hired a great team of people to work with).

- Product Management
- Development Team Leader
- Lead Designer

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99 Bikes

Ecommerce Manager | Dec, 2011 – Nov, 2013
I was the Ecommerce Manager at 99 Bikes. I set up their Magento store and grew the online store to an ARR of a few million 💰. I also managed their online marketing and website optimisation.

- Ecommerce Management
- Ecommerce Stratgey
- UX / UI Design

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Balloon Agencies

Ecommerce Manager / Product Manager | Jul, 2010 – Dec, 2011
I was the Product Manager at Balloon Agencies. I updated their systems (CRM, marketing, customer service etc.) and migrated their wholesale orders from phone to online. This resulted in a multi-million increase in online sales

- Ecommerce Management
- Ecommerce Strategy
- Marketing Strategy

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Email: cameron@empty.io
Twitter: @cameronsmith
Dribbble: @cameronsmith
Pinterest: @cameronsmith
Product Hunt: @cameronsmith
LinkedIn: Cameron Smith

Side Projects

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